an accidental message on violence

Video installation and soundscape
Words of vision 11′
Appropriation tale 23′
Story line 14′
3 screens 220 x 130 cm
replica gun, video camera and brochure

This unsynchronized audiovisual installation references two historical moments of some relevance for Sweden’s economical development. These achievements occurred in turbulent times. The first one is the establishment of Sweden as an industrial power with the help of the so-called father of Swedish industry in the time of Gustavus Adolphus, Louis De Geer. The second is the implementation of the Taylorist theories in the largest and most international telecommunications company in the country at the time of the Second World War, LM Ericsson. The locations that witnessed the historical events are now used as subjective frames for the art work meanwhile some questions drive the discourse: How can we reflect on the contradictions that the productive system engraves in our existence? How can we offset the tendency to romanticize the past? How a metaphorical narrative can invoke power structures based on violence and hierarchy? Where is the line that divides fiction and reality? 

Actors: Mario Maria Fjell, Micke Kronlöf, Christian Hjärner, Johanna Westlin, Kerstin Höglund, Linnea Thörnqvist, Maximilian Hansen and Anna Classon.

Thanks to the “Stiftelsen Österbybruks Herrgård”, Johan and Rita McQueen, Yvonne Gille, Jonas Holmer, Salad Hilowle, Marie and Eric Englund, Filippa Hanzon and specially to Ricardo Atienza, Anna Classon, HAKA, Mario Maria Fjell and Jordi Moreno Romero.

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This project was partially filmed and finally exhibited at Konstfack College of Arts, Crafts and Design, which it is placed at the former LM Ericsson monumental factory complex built in 1940 in Stockholm. The project became a site-specific art work and so its sense was rounded by the eventual placement during the School Spring Exhibition in may 2016. In a way the echoes of the workers stories and their activity sounds were somehow recalled during the presentation. With this project I aimed to address issues as the value of labor in western culture, how the implementation of industrial efficiency still marks our economic structure and social organization and also how hierarchy and therefore power structures are part of the past and present of these places.

The three films are projected simultaneously on double side screens. Each projection has a different length and are not synchronized with each other. At the same time there is a one hour soundscape piece running in the space, working as a soundtrack of the installation. The coincidence in time of these four elements is very diverse, so each viewer’s experience is unique. In addition the screens are distributed in the space in such a way that one can only observe two movies at the same time, the audience must then move around the room to complete the visit. The soundscape has five different channels so its perception also depends on where the viewer is located.