Video installation
Afternoon, loop
Exterminator, loop
2 tv screens 70 x 40 cm

Both of these videos have neither beginning nor end, the characters seems to be trapped in a circular endless loop. The man walks through a maze of corridors taking decisions without apparent effort, the woman climbs the stairs with uncertainty until she sees herself downstairs where she started. The two videos are installed in space in relation to each other with the intention of highlighting the tension between them. The two screens are placed at different locations. Afternoon remains in an unexpected spot, the start of the staircase in the gallery access while Exterminator is located in the last room, the most aseptic one. The tone of the video productions has a reminiscence of the surrealist films of Maya Deren and Luis Buñuel. Not surprisingly two key works of these authors have been taken as a starting point. In this video installation a surreal and psychoanalytic approach centers the reflection upon the patriarchal society.

Watch the videos

Afternoon with Joanna Dahlgren

Exterminator with Maximilian Hansen