empty living

8 day trip
exhibition: photography (different dimensions)
diary excerpts, map

Spain was one of the most resented countries by the economic crisis, its housing bubble crashed in 2009. Just before that time the country was the leading consumer of cement per capita in the world. In the aftermath the vast majority of construction companies went bankrupt leaving countless half-built structures spread in the landscape. Now these places became abandoned spaces, as the architect Julia Schulz-Dornburg defined: Modern Ruins.

The project consists of a journey through the country, without a specific route, looking for places particularly hit by the crisis. At this stage it was about to find unfinished housing constructions where one can not really make a living. The goal was to try to inhabit the spaces, to find a place to rest and spend hours, even overnight if possible. But normally the chosen buildings were not suitable for this activity, there was no water or electricity and most of the times no walls or windows, the environment was hostile and decadent. There was no guaranty of protection since it was an open unattended place. Definitely it didn’t make sense to stay there. Nevertheless with my inhabitancy the empty space became a disturbingly forgotten presence, itself turned into a metaphor of the defeat of the system and a sign of the frustration that the crisis is still generating. I documented the process with photographs and a written journal. I researched on the development of the days and nights in those spaces, experiencing feelings and then try to express them through images and texts. The result is published in a website.

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