för er ge tiden

Installation and performance
wall 200 x 150 cm, drawing, graffiti
drawing tools, signs, black cardboard
bank note description leaflet

After drawing on the wall the projected image of a Swedish krona I invited the viewers to delete it, modify it or simply observe it. During the execution of the drawing I scored on the same wall every step and the time it had taken to do so. The art work suffered some alterations by the audience, the most significant change was the motto of the original currency. From the original “For Sverige i tiden” (For Sweden in time) it went on to enunciate “För er ge tiden” (For you to give the time).

In addition, I encouraged the audience to design their versions of a banknote. The potential designer could read the literary description of some American dollar bills, Euros and Swedish krona. On the wall the silhouettes of the described bills were presented.