light control

Lectern, business suit, documents, fan
odorous objects, matches, lightening,
voting urn, ballots
sound piece 15′

“Good afternoon.

First of all I want to welcome everyone present in this room, thank you very much for coming to the Friktionerdagen and this performance. Also I would like to thank the Uppsala Art Museum to organize this event.

And before starting I want to transfer an important information you need to be aware of. The conditions under which the action will happen are special. I want to explain them so you can decide whether to participate in the event or not. Once you know the conditions you can stay or leave the room. If you stay I understand that you accept the situation and then you give your agreement for me to do the performance according to the plan.

The event will happen in absolute darkness, once the lights are turned off no one can enter or leave the room until the action is complete. The performance is safe and your physical integrity is guaranteed.

If there is someone who doesn’t want to be in the dark during the performance must go now.”

Photography by Victoria Sánchez