meat inspection

Video installation
image loops
3 screens 250 x 250 cm

This project was part of the site-specific project “Om Jag var där” (If I were there) exhibited at Köttinspektionen Gallery in Uppsala (Sweden) during January 2016. I worked on a room of the building reflecting on the past of the landmark construction Köttinspektionen (meaning meat inspection agency) next to where the “Om Jag var där” installation was located. It shows three built-as-walls screens where still images are projected, some of them are pictures of skin, some other are photographies of sliced meat. Both categories are combined in a way that it is difficult to discern among them. The art work wants to invoke echoes of the past while reflects on the uncertainty of the future.

Historical context

Köttinspektionen was constructed by Anders Diös in 1930. This architect was close to the new functionalist architecture of the time and played an important role in the urban growth of the city. The building was originally intended as sanitation equipment for the growing village, the place to inspect and distribute meat. At that time the building was located on the outskirts of the city, in the picture can be observed that at the back there are only crop fields. This construction was declared of cultural interest listed building (K-mark). The space ceased to have its function when the city grew bigger and needed a more extensive services but it was preserved due to its status. Then it was quickly surrounded by an expanding industrial area located there to get the benefits of the proximity of the river as a means of transportation. At that point the building had diverse uses such as an art auction house, disco pub or municipal archives. Recently the place has become a cultural center that houses a theater company and an exhibition gallery run by a group of local artists named HAKA. Currently the former industrial area surrounding the building has moved to the new outskirts of the city leaving a free extension of space. That place is nowadays in the process of becoming a new neighborhood of apartments for sale. Köttinspektionen is located now in the heart of a process of gentrification.