furniture, personal objects, lock
store unit 150 x 250 cm
exhibition: photography (diverse dimensions), documents
diary excerpts, video documentation 14′

In the time of 6 weeks in December 2014 and January 2015 I hired a self-storage unit near to my apartment in the Swedish town where I live. The space is designed exclusively for storing objects.  Three metal walls closed by a gate of 1,5 meters wide and a ceiling of wire mesh. There is not accession to water or bathroom facilities. Just corridors and coded gateways. I was able to use my personal access code from 5h to 22h, in between that time the doors were locked. I determined to inhabit the leased space as far as possible. For this I moved some goods to make it more livable. I spent several hours on different days and the experience ended the last day of the rental period in which I spent one night in the place taking advantage of the contract does not specify a limit of time staying into the hired unit. The action seeks to reflect on the use and over-commercialization of space in our times through my life experience and documentation produced, in this case in the form of a short documentary, a selection of photographs and a series of writings.

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The monthly cost for the unit was 1539 SEK (160 €).The monthly rate per square meter is 256,50 SEK (26,88 €). My apartment rent is 126,66 SEK (13,27 €) per square meter. I took advantage of a first month for free offer and only paid the cost of two weeks.

Th 21/dec/2014

A mattress, a blanket, a rug and and a pillow were the first objects I brought with me. I didn’t rationalize the decisions about which were the best objects to bring. I took the first thing I had on hand at home. And now that I stop to think I realize that they all helped me break the cold feel of the place, the concrete floor, the walls, the absence of soft materials. Now I realize I took some basic items like an animal that makes a nest, or wants to put up a temporary place to spend a night. I was there for the first few hours, I made the first photographs, I moved things around. The cold sensation was still present, regardless of the temperature of the place. Although the space was small I was still feeling a great void.